When Rome became London

Check out the Sir’s feature for NGG issue #8


’37 Celsius degrees heat the Milanese afternoon on Thursday, June 24, 1965, when jarring screams of a legion teenagers in Chelsea boots and mini-skirts- accompanied by sweating and patient parents- greet the Fab4 stepping on the Vigorelli velodrome’s stage for their first Italian gig ever. This is a pivotal day for many Italian youths who- under the influence of the Liverpool’s combo- will give to their country an unmatched  season of rebellious and ideals-filled music, the so-called ‘bit’. […]’

Ma Che Colpa Abbiamo Noi?- A journey into Italy’s 60s beat scene when Rome became London traces the history of Italian beat music, a cultural, before musical, phenomenon made of often underestimated bands, unique covers, forgotten soulful fuzzy treasures and uncomprehending parents.

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