Space is the Place- Interview with Cosmic Strip

Cosmic Strip with their blend of space themes, ‘60s French pop and ‘90s psych topped with flawless aesthetic are one of the most promising next big things. The Sir’s Corner had a chat with singer and guitarist Camella Agabalyan. What I really like about Cosmic Strip is the name. Catchy, entangling and catapulting you in…

ReDiscover Nino Ferrer and the lost years of Europe RnB maverick

Cherished by connoisseurs on RnB dancefloors as well as by prog geeks, Nino Ferrer has been one of Europe’s most gifted musicians across the ‘60s and the ‘70s. Turin musicteller Federico Sacchi has decided that time has come to give justice to the too often limited view of his figure through the cross-platform project ReDiscovery, which debuts in theatre this week.