Guide to the Popcorn Look

Follow The Sir’s Corner tips to look flawless when going to a Popcorn night or just digging for some records.

With its elusive nature and mass-public appeal Popcorn has never had a specific dresscode despite having many traits which could define the scene a subculture.

Since the UK mod scene and soul lovers started to re-discover the late 50s and early 60s black sounds played in the Popcorn scene, this Belgium phenomenon attratcted more and more 60s music nostalgics.

If one wants to impress when delivering moves on a Popcorn dancefloor, different looks could be channelled.

The late 50s Vocal Group –

Going back to the style of the days the music played in Popcorn clubs was origianlly recorded could be a philological approach.

A one/two-buttoned pastel coloured suit with long lapels matched with a cuban collar shirt and topped with a pair of white leather shoes could give you the right late 50s/ early 60s vocal group look. Remember your trousers have to be smart but never skinny. Thigh width is left to one’s preferences for the late or early 50s.

American new soul star Leon Bridges could be the fashion icon to follow and Scott Fraser Collection an interesting brand for you.

Vocal coolness- The Temptations


The 60s Sharpness-

Knitwear has never been reproposed as in the last year. From mod-related brands such as Merc, Adaptor Clothing or Jump the Gun to Pretty Green and River Island the choice of patterns and colours has never been broader. Front-buttoned striped knitted polo shirts could give you that flawless 60s casual look used by both mods and soulmen.

Milan-based brand Connection Knitwear prodcues tailored-made ones in beautiful shades and with exceptional details.

A pair of desert boots (Clarks for a continental look, Hutton for an ivy one) could suit your daily outfits, leaving bowling shoes for the dancefloor. Penny loafers and brogues could suit both the occasions, especially when the leather is good and your feet don’t hurt after hours of restless swinging moves.

Match it with press-ironed smart trousers no longer than the ankle’s bone. You want your socks to be on display, don’t you?

Cassius Clay sports knitwear in studio with Sam Cooke


The 70s Soul Boy-

A look quite trasversal to both 1970s British Northern Soul and the average Popcorn or The Groove crowd. Simply 70s fashionable casual gear worn on past days dancefloors which acquired its own fascination in a retro style conception.

It could vary from pointy collar acrylic patterned shirts to wide collared sportswear including polo shirts or tracktops. Not only Adidas, Puma, Le Coq Sportif and Admiral, but also cheap imitations, with two or four stripes instead of the iconic three, could be a classy winner. All this matched with high-waisted bell-bottom trousers, a leather coat for colder months and – why not – a pair of moustache.

1970s Danish fashion catalogue

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