Rosa Splendore – A Backstage View of Splendore’s New Video

Splendore released his first vocal track Rosa Splendore on Italian electronic label Ivreatronic – revolving around the post-industrial city of Ivrea in Norhtern Italy, once home to pioneering Olivetti firm. Pioneering is indeed the imprint of Splendore’s track, labelled by the artist himself as ‘queer pop’ – an electro-pop willing to bring to the front…

Post-Franco punk, trap and Godard – The Parrots: Interview

Fresh of their new single Cigarette Burns The Parrots let The Sir’s Corner into their kaleidoscopic world made of post-Franco Spanish underground, trap and Godard films. Cigarettes burn and Beck’s is spilled while I sit in a Brixton backgarden with The Parrots’ Alex and Diego and their photographer Neelam (whose shots already graced Hinds’ album covers)….