Lorenzo Ottone University of Brighton Buzz Radio host of The Sir's Corner Radio.
Lorenzo Ottone

The Sir’s Corner is a project born from the mind of Lorenzo Ottone – journalism student at the Univeristy of Brighton and co-founder of tote bags brand Fuzzy ToteGasm- in order to give a platform to his multiple interests.

The Sir’s Corner focuses on music, style, subcultures especially from the mid-1950s to the 1970s but with a modernist attitude, without being crystallized in the past. The Sir’s Corner likes to find the meeting point of different fields such as music, fashion, design, film, photography with a strong interest in social dynamics and forgotten stories.

Lorenzo’s passions have always been niche and retrospective for the times he lives, so he always represented an isolated voice in the Italian village of Savigliano where he grew up- from here the idea of this space as a 21st century speaker’s corner. The Sir- in case you are wondering- has got nothing to do with noble ancestors despite the surname. It simply his the nickname he has been given years ago for his dandy wardrobe and attitude.

Lorenzo also hosts a weekly radio show on the University of Brighton Buzz Radio, where he brings to the audience a selection of records which define the identity of The Sir’s Corner.

The Sir’s Corner doesn’t aim to any social or political engagement, it is just a free port where it is possible to take a unique and stylish break from all those contemporary blots sorrounding us.

Wishing you a pleasant reading,

Yours truly,

Lorenzo Ottone


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